We have teamed up with Elena from Vogue brows, a fully qualified, insured semi-permanent brow artist who specialises in creating perfect, natural looking brows by method of micro-pigmentation.

Micro-pigmentation uses natural and hypoallergenic micro colour pigments that are implanted into the skin through to the outermost layer, the epidermis. The pigment will then remain in the skin for approximately 1-2 years. 

After a thorough consultation, the brows are accurately measured and sketched on to obtain the correct positioning and shape to suit your face and requirements.

In Micro-pigmentation, the needle penetrates the pigment under the skin more efficiently than other methods of semi permanent and permanent make up, resulting in a sharp, crisp appearance. The treatment is relatively painless and low risk.

For hassle free, perfect brows every day it is a fantastic solution, especially for  people with very thin, or missing parts to their brows who are wanting more definition.

Powder effect brow £200

A softer look for a natural brow

3D Hair Stroke Brow £230

Tiny hair strokes repeated to give the effect of a full, flawless brow

Combination Brow £250

A mixture of detailed hair strokes and a soft powder effect

Re-touch £50


Before and after micro-pigmentation