Here at Esandes our qualified, experienced beauticians use ‘Sienna X’ spray tan solution to achieve a natural all over glow that will last up to a week by following our guidelines for prep and homecare.

Full Body Spray Tan £25.00

(An all over natural looking tan that will last up to 7 days)

Half Body Spray Tan £18.00

(For just the legs or just the upper body)


Before your spray tan appointment we advise that you follow these instructions to achieve the best results:

Exfoliate your face and body in the bath or shower using a scrub to help remove any dead skin.

Avoid applying any body lotion, and moisturisers to the face and body.

Avoid using any perfume or deodorant before and after the treatment.

Bring loose, dark clothing, and preferably flipflops/sandals with you to put on after your tanning treatment.

On application you will be instantly bronzed. This is the indicator colour in the product to enable us to see the application. Note that once the tan has developed, and been washed off, it will be a more even natural looking colour.

After your Tan Application

The tan will take 6-8 hours to develop, during this time we advise you to follow these guidelines to obtain the best results:

Avoid contact with water, fragrances, and perfumes

Avoid any physical activity, which will cause the body to excessively perspire.

After the development time of 6-8 hours, rinse the face and body with warm water, then apply a non heavily fragranced moisturiser or body lotion

To maintain your tan over the next few days avoid exfoliating the skin, and using anything abrasive when washing, also moisturise the face and body to keep the skin hydrated.