Our highly trained, experienced therapist use a range of three different types of wax, chosen to suit your needs and specific area to ensure you get the best results and the most comfortable treatment possible, leaving you hair free for weeks.

Lip or Chin: £7.50
Lip & Chin: £12.50
Half Leg (from ankles to knees): £16.00
Full Leg (ankle to top of thighs): £24.00
Forearm (from wrist to above the elbow): £16.00
Underarm: £10.00
Standard Bikini Line (just the sides and a little off the top): £12.00
Brazilian Bikini (all off but leaving a little on): £31.00
Hollywood Bikini (all hair removed from the area): £36.00
Back or Chest: £23.00
Back and Chest: £36.00
Eyebrows: £10.00 
Intimate waxing £36.00


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